Alan J. Card, PhD, MPH


Dr. Card is an independent researcher / consultant at Evidence-Based Health Solutions, LLC and Editor of the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and an MPH from the University of South Florida.

Research Interests

My research focuses broadly on the areas of quality, safety, and risk in healthcare and public health. It includes both conceptual contributions and empirical studies (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods). I am particularly interested in questions related to the design and management of improvement interventions, such as:

  • How should we decide which problems to solve?
  • How can we generate, assess, and select the best solutions to those problems?
  • How can we design for, and manage, the full lifespan of an improvement intervention (implementation, sustainment/monitoring, and evaluation)?
  • Who should be involved in the process, and how?
  • What factors improve organizational capacity for intervention design and management?
  • How can we move toward a more evidence-based approach to intervention design?

This is a rich and exciting research area that applies to problems ranging from patient safety risk management to preparedness planning, and from value-based care/pay for performance schemes to the design of the built environment. I am always interested in hearing from potential collaborators at: alan.j.card [at] gmail.com

You can learn more about my work by clicking on Publications or by visiting my page at Academia.edu (cambridge.academia.edu/AlanCard).

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